Delving into the Two Main Types of Videos for Marketing

Generally speaking, you’ll find that there are two main types of videos that are used within marketing. Understanding and appreciating exactly what these two types of videos are will provide you with a valuable starting point, and let you explore the options that lie before you in greater depth. If you didn’t already know, the two main types of videos consist of live-action videos, and screen-capture videos.

Truthfully, the latter type of video is very often the easiest to understand. On the whole, screen-capture videos consist of simply a recording of the computer screen. While this may not seem to be tremendously exciting, you should not underestimate just how useful a screen-capture video could really be. As you’ll soon see, it has numerous applications.

For example, if you intended to ‘show’ people exactly how to use a piece of software through a video, or if you even simply wanted to show off that piece of software in action, then a screen capture video would suit your purposes excellently. By capturing your screen as you guide your viewers through the software itself and show them how it works or show them it in action, you’ll have fulfilled your purpose completely.

Of course, this does not in any way reduce the necessity of live-action videos.

While screen-capture videos are limited to the screen of your computer, live-action videos are the kind that you’re probably more familiar with. These videos are recorded, live, and may contain people, landscapes, or whatever it is that you really want to record. If you like, you could even record a video of yourself sitting on a stool and talking about a product.

Needless to say, live-action videos are a lot harder to produce, but their impact can be astonishing. By showing people things through live action (and with the right voice overs), you’ll find that you’re able to convey your message a lot more effectively. If you let your excitement about a certain product shine through your voice and your video, you’ll find that people get excited in turn.

And this is just one example of the value of live-action videos!

From what we’ve been discussing, you should be starting to see that these two main types of videos each have an essential role to play within marketing. As promotional videos or even just instructional videos, you will find that exploring these two options and deciding which one suits your purposes best will be the first step that you need to take!


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